The VLK-1 project was initiated in 2021, and is in the Theoretical Conceptualization stage, with some subsystems already under development, and is supported by the Brazilian Space Agency (AEB), responsible for financing part of the value of the project in materials.

 Although it is the first rocket of the 3000 meter category from Kosmos, its components are very similar to those of the rockets that the team has already developed. Basically, the systems validated in one of the smaller rockets are being adptad to compound VLK.

 This strategy allows us to develop more advanced rockets in a short period of time and with great reliability.

 In the first months of 2022, Kosmos sectors will begin manufacturing parts and systems to be tested and integrated with the other subsystems that have already been developed, and then finalize the rocket.

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Apogee                                  3000 m

Mass                                     20 kg

Parachute Ejection     Drogue: Pyrotechnic

                                      Main: Mechanical


Boarded Systems             Telemetry




Length                                    320 cm

Diameter                                         15,2 cm