The Hagemeyer – 8 was the first rocket with a 1km apogee. It takes the name of one of the team’s founders, Vinícius Hagemeyer, with number 8 being the time it took him to graduate.

 The rocket was developed for the 2018 Curitiba Mini Rocket Festival.

 As it was the team’s first major project, it was a pioneer in several areas, internally.

The design of the Hagemeyer – 8 was developed to meet the requirements of avionics and propulsion, as they have very different diameters.

 Its structure, with  83cm long, 45mm in diameter and less than 2kg in mass,  was manufactured in fiberglass and 3D printing. The fins and internal bulkheads were made  in MDF.  The parachute has pyrotechnic ejection, being activated by a relay. In the electronics part we use an Arduino Nano with a BMP180 pressure sensor.

 Although the Hagemeyer 8 has not won any awards, the rocket stood out in competitions for its distinctive shape.

 Without a doubt, this was one of the projects that brought more improvements, evolutions and learning for the team.

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Apogee                                  1000 m

Mass                                     2 kg

Parachute Ejection          Pyrotechnic

                                             Arduino NANO

Boarded Systems             Pressure

                                            sensor BPM180

Size                                         83 cm