Alfa was conceived and developed to act as a test vehicle for experimental electronic systems developed by Kosmos, however, after a while, it was also designed and adapted to test the methods and concepts of all other areas of the team.
  Initially conceived to be Low Cost and of low complexity, ALFA was built from PVC and 3D printing, using a nozzleless PVC motor. To facilitate access to avionics, an MLA (Lateral Opening Mechanism) was adopted, thus improving handling versatility.  Regarding recovery, the parachute ejection method is pyrotechnic and occurs through the hood.
  The good performance of ALFA, for what had been idealized allowed a better analysis and recognition of its potential and then it was reconsidered to compete. For this, some changes were necessary in order to reach a peak of 500 meters (category of competition). Among these changes, the main ones are: the change from PVC to fiberglass, and the use of a steel rocket motor. Currently the project was so successful that it had become a 1 km apogee rocket.

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Apogee                                  1000 m

Mass                                     2,7 kg

Parachute Ejection       Pyrotechnic


Boarded Systems                Telemetry



Size                                         92 cm